She Caught Me Jerking Off In the Hotel Room

This video is about a hotel maid called Jenny and it tells the story of what happened when she caught me jerking off in my hotel room. Jenny was an Aussie girl working as a maid in a small hotel in London during her gap year. I was staying in the hotel on business and I'd noticed Jenny in the corridor a couple of times. She had a nice smile and I thought she was pretty hot in a girl-next-door kind of way but that was as far as it went - I hadn't even spoken to her, I only knew her name from the badge she wore.

So one morning I was lying in bed and I didn't have any meetings to go to so I flicked on the hotel porn channel. I was lying in bed, stroking my cock, and getting into the porn video when all of a sudden I heard a click and the door burst open and in strolled Jenny ready to clean the room – I guess she was used to me being out every morning and didn't bother to knock. I was shocked and pretty embarrassed but not as shocked as Jenny who screamed and quickly ran out, closing the door behind her.

In the Hotel Room

Caught Jerking by Hotel Maids - Watch Here

I was frozen to the spot on the bed wondering what the hell just happened and hoping nobody else heard the scream - but the next thing I knew I heard voices in the corridor and suddenly the door opened again. Still stark-naked, I was now confronted by Jenny and three of her hotel maid colleagues. Jenny pointed at me and accused me of deliberately jerking off in front of her. I insisted I was innocent but the maids would not listen to my protests. They called me a pervert and said I needed to be punished.

Before I knew what was happening the hotel maids had taken some cord from their cleaning kit and were tying my wrists to the bedposts. I was still completely naked and I had no idea what was going on. With my wrists secured, Jenny and the other maids began to prod and make fun of my limp dick – joking that I was not so cocky now. But seeing the maids in their casual summer outfits and feeling them touching my dick was starting to have an effect and my limp cock started to rise up again.

Maid Jerked Me Off

Hotel Maid Jerked Me Off - Watch Here

The maids laughed when they saw that I was getting turned on by the situation but Jenny seemed more interested in my swelling cock. For the first time that morning she actually smiled at me as she took hold of my stiffening tool and began to slowly jerk me off. The other maids muttered their encouragement as Jenny picked up her pace, urging her to make me cum.

With the other maids telling her to go faster, Jenny tightened her grip on my throbbing cock and jerked her hand rapidly up and down the full length of my thick veined shaft. She continued to rapidly jerk me off until I was right on the edge of an explosive orgasm. With one final hard jerk of my aching cock Jenny sent me over the edge and I felt my balls tightening. With a loud groan I unleashed a fountain of thick white cum that sprayed high into the air – landing in globs on my belly and chest and covering most Jenny's fingers and hand.

As Jenny wiped her spunk covered hand on my sheets the other maids laughed and headed for the door. I looked pleadingly at Jenny in the hope that she would untie me but she simply finished wiping my cum from her hand and left me lying there helpless and covered in my own sticky mess. I stayed like that, unable to move and stinking of stale cum, for several hours until the maids finished their shift and came back to untie me. What happened next will have to be saved for another day, but if you want to find out sooner just follow the link below and watch the full-length video right now.

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